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Maintenance of SSL-VPN client bundles

This section covers the maintenance of SSL-VPN client bundles to provide reliable and secure SSL-VPN service to end users.

Changes to the following configuration options in interfaces openvpn vtunX cause a regeneration of all configured bundles:

  • hash
  • encryption
  • tls ca-cert-file
  • local-host
  • local-port
  • protocol
  • description

This regeneration occurs to provide SSL-VPN client configuration that is always up to date. We recommend that an end user obtain the latest SSL-VPN client bundle to get SSL-VPN configuration changes.

The file name of each client bundle includes a suffix to identify the latest version of the client in this form: filename-vversionnumber.exe. For example: ACME HQ-v2.exe.

Note: Only the most recent version of a bundle is kept on the vRouter persistent volume.

An SSL-VPN end user must manually obtain a new bundle. A bundle that is already installed or deployed is not automatically updated with the latest configuration.