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SSL-VPN client software updates

The Linux client and the OS X client bundles contain only configuration files and TLS CA certificates, not actual code and binary files.

The SSL-VPN Client software in the Windows bundle might need to receive updates that are made available as regular vRouter image releases. When a vRouter release contains a new version of SSL-VPN Client, then all Windows bundles are regenerated with the latest version of the SSL-VPN Client software during the update process.

We recommend that you review the vRouter release notes for each release for direction when the SSL-VPN client update includes critical fixes. For these fixes, advise your SSL-VPN end users to get the latest Windows OS client bundle. The installation wizard guides the users through the update process.

To keep the bundle versions for the operating systems synchronized, all bundles are regenerated when one platform requires regeneration. For example, if a new SSL-VPN client for the Windows OS becomes available, existing OS X and Linux bundles are also regenerated to have the same bundle version as the Windows OS version.