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Windows OS: Ciena SSL-VPN client

The SSL-VPN Client Bundle for Windows gets downloaded as an executable file. The bundle consists of the Ciena SSL-VPN Client software and the SSL-VPN client configuration required to connect to the SSL-VPN endpoint. The downloaded executables starts an installation wizard that guides you through the installation of the Ciena SSL-VPN client software. The installation wizard also handles the actual configuration for the Ciena SSL-VPN Client for your target SSL-VPN endpoint.

Note: The Ciena SSL-VPN Client requires administration privileges to be installed. The installation does not start without these privileges.

Consult your IT administrator if you do not have administration privileges and ask for further guidance.

Follow the instructions in the wizard and finish the installation and setup of the Ciena SSL-VPN client.

Figure 1. SSL-VPN Setup Wizard dialog

After installation, you can either select in the installation wizard to connect directly to the SSL-VPN or uncheck the Connect to box and close the installation wizard by clicking Finish.

Figure 2. Completing the SSL-VPN Setup Wizard dialog

If the Connect to box is checked, the Ciena SSL-VPN client starts automatically and prompts you for a username and a password.

Figure 3. Service-Users web portal login page

The username and password are either your cooperative credentials are provided to you by your IT administrator.

Figure 4. Connection confirmation pop-up message

After the Ciena SSL-VPN client is connected, it can be controlled through the tray menu by right-clicking on the tray icon.

Figure 5. Ciena SSL-VPN client tray menu

To quit the Ciena SSL-VPN client, use the tray menu and select Exit. After confirming the exit, the SSL-VPN connection terminates.

To connect again to the SSL-VPN endpoint or to start the Ciena SSL-VPN client after rebooting, either use the Connect SSL-VPN to shortcut on the desktop or navigate the following path in the Windows Start menu:

Start > All Programs > Brocade SSL-VPN Client

Note: The installation wizard installs the Ciena SSL-VPN client persistently on your computer. So, the SSL-VPN client can be used across reboots and needs to be downloaded only once. Your IT administrator might ask you to obtain the latest version of the Ciena SSL-VPN client when changes are made to the SSL-VPN network configuration or maintenance updates are made to the Ciena SSL-VPN client software.

To uninstall the Ciena SSL-VPN client, go to the Windows Control Panel and select Uninstall/Change.

Figure 6. SSL-VPN client uninstallation page