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Learn how to install, configure, and operate the Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS) and Orchestrator, which help drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.


The changes are copied to the startup configuration automatically. As a result, the changes are preserved even after a reboot.

commitcomment comment-text
Text that describes the reason for the commit.

Configuration mode

Use this command to apply and save uncommitted changes to the configuration.

When you add configuration to, modify existing configuration in, or delete configuration from the system, the changes you make must be committed before they take effect. To commit changes, use the commit command.

If you try to exit or quit configuration mode while uncommitted configuration changes still exist, the system gives you a warning. You cannot exit configuration mode until you either commit the changes by entering the commit command or discard the changes by using the discard command.

Until a configuration change is committed, the system marks the change when displaying the information.

CAUTION: If your login username is not a member of the "secrets" login user group and you either save a configuration through the REST API or use the save command, the encrypted passwords in the configuration file are replaced with the ******** placeholder. If you load this configuration, the replaced password fields trigger validation errors because the placeholder does not match the format for an encrypted password. Do not commit this configuration. If you ignore the error message and perform a commit with this invalid configuration, the passwords are deleted.

Committing changes can take time, depending on the complexity and activity of the system. Be prepared to wait for several minutes for the system to complete committing the changes.

If two or more users are logged into the system in configuration mode and one user changes the configuration, the other user or users receive a warning.

Note: Commits are logged at the logging levels of info and debug.

The following example displays a commit command that includes the system commit history and shows that the changes are automatically saved.

vyatta@vyatta# show system commit
0   2017-01-06 09:48:45 by Vyatta
    Set loopback interface address
1   2017-01-06 09:48:20 by Vyatta
    Update loopback interface description

vyatta@vyatta# set interfaces loopback lo address
vyatta@vyatta# commit comment "Change loopback interface address"
vyatta@vyatta# run show system commit
0   2017-01-06 09:50:15 by Vyatta
    Change loopback interface address
1   2017-01-06 09:48:45 by Vyatta
    Set loopback interface address
2   2017-01-06 09:48:20 by Vyatta
    Update loopback interface description