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Allows you to roll back configuration to a specific revision.

rollback rev-numcomment comment-text
The configuration revision to roll back to.
Comment text describes the reason for rollback.

Configuration mode

Use this command to roll back to the configuration revision specified.
Note: For the roll back to take effect, the system must be rebooted after the configuration is rolled back. A prompt will ask whether or not to reboot the system once the command completes.

You can see the list of configuration file revisions using the show system commit operational mode command (use run show system commit from configuration mode).

This example allows you to roll back existing configuration to the specified revision of the router configuration.

vyatta@vyatta# rollback
Possible completions:
  <N>   Rollback to revision N
  0     2016-09-13 17:32:07 Vyatta
  1     2016-09-13 17:19:06 Vyatta
  2     2016-09-13 17:09:37 Vyatta
  3     2016-09-13 17:07:04 configd
  4     2016-09-13 16:43:11 configd
vyatta@vyatta# rollback 0
Proceed with reboot? [confirm][y]
vyatta@vyatta# save my-config
Saving configuration to '/config/my-config'...