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XML file contents

The following table describes the elements that the XML file for a hot-plugged interface can contain.

Table 1. XML file contents
Element Description

interface type

Interface type. The following values are supported:
  • network: Specifies a network interface.
  • bridge: Specifies a bridge interface. Use this value when hot-plugging an interface that is connected to a Spirent port.
  • direct: Specifies a management interface.

mac address

MAC address of the interface. You must ensure that this address is unique.

source network

(Applies to network interfaces only) Label or name of the network to which the interface connects.

source bridge

(Applies to bridge interfaces only) Label or name of the bridge device to which the interface connects.

model type

Type of the network virtualization model. Currently, the only supported model on the KVM platform is virtio.

address type

(Optional) The virtualized PCI slot into which the interface is plugged. You must use the hexadecimal notation to specify the slot number.