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Service-user management handles authentication for services and is not intended to be used to access the vRouter for administrative purposes. The administration of service-user management is done at the system-login configuration level.

This chapter describes service-user management, which is controlled at the resources service-users configuration level. Configuration is set in a central location within the resources service-users configuration section.

Other services that require service-user authentication, such as OpenVPN, refer to authentication profiles, or group of users, in the resource service-users section.

The Vyatta router allows you to connect to existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) services in your organization for authentication purposes and maintain a local user database that does not require any pre-existing identity service in your environment.

All changes for service users do not require any service interruption or service restart.

Note: Service-user management includes revoking access or deleting user accounts, which does not terminate an existing service-user session of services.

All service users are granted access to the Service-User Web Portal, which is available at the following address:

URL: https://<IP address of vRouter>/service

To enable this portal, use the following command:

vyatta@vyatta# set service https service-users