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monitor interfaces

Displays bandwidth utilization statistics for each interface across all interfaces.

monitor interfaces

Operational mode

Use this command to display bandwidth utilization statistics per interface.

Press the question mark (?) key to toggle the following quick reference information:

  • Navigation
  • Display settings (for example, graphical or detailed statistics)
  • Measurement units

The following example shows how to display the bandwidth utilization statistics for each interface on the R1 host.

vyatta@R1:~$ monitor interfaces
#   Interface                RX Rate         RX #     TX Rate         TX #
Vyatta (source: local)
  0   dp0p5p1                    0.00B            0       0.00B            0
  1   dp0p5p1.10                 0.00B            0       0.00B            0
  2   dp0port2                   0.00B            0       0.00B            0
  3   dp0p2p1                    0.00B            0       0.00B            0
  4   .spathintf                 0.00B            0       0.00B            0
  5   lo                         0.00B            0       0.00B            0