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BFD timers

The BFD intervals for packet transmission, packet reception, and session detection are continuously negotiated; thus the intervals can change at any time. These intervals are referred to as BFD timers.

Both BFD nodes negotiate and converge on the same timer interval which is the higher of the two intervals. The detection time is independent in each direction as the multiplier can vary for each node.

The three modes of BFD have three types of BFD timers associated with them:
  • Tx timer—Minimum time the system prefers to use for transmitting consecutive BFD packets
  • Rx timer—Minimum time required by the receiving system to receive consecutive packets
  • Echo Rx timer—Minimum time required by the transmitting system to receive consecutive echo packets
  • Multiplier—Negotiated multiplier for the BFD session
Note: Ciena does not support echo mode currently.