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interfaces bridge <brx> ipv6 address

Assigns an IPv6 address to a bridge interface.

set interfaces bridge brx ipv6 address [autoconf | eui64 ipv6prefix]
delete interfaces bridge brx ipv6 address [autoconf | eui64 ipv6prefix]
show interfaces bridge brx ipv6 address [autoconf | eui64]
Bridge group ID.
Generates an IPv6 address using the Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) protocol. Set this value if the interface is performing a “host” function rather than a “router” function. This value can be specified in addition to specifying static IPv6, static IPv4, or IPv4 DHCP addresses on the interface.
The 64-bit IPv6 address prefix used to configure an IPv6 address, in EUI-64 format. The system concatenates this prefix with a 64-bit EUI-64 value derived from the 48-bit MAC address of the interface.

Configuration mode

interfaces bridge brx {
	ipv6 {
		address {
			eui64 ipv6prefix

Use this command to assign an IPv6 address to an interface.

You can use the autoconf keyword to direct the system to autoconfigure the address, using the SLAAC protocol defined in RFC 4862. Alternatively, you can provide an EUI-64 IPv6 address prefix so that the system constructs the IPv6 address.

If you want the system to use SLAAC to acquire addresses on this interface, then in addition to setting this parameter, you must also disable IPv6 forwarding, either globally (using the system ipv6 disable-forwarding command) or specifically on this interface (using the interfaces bridge brx ipv6 disable-forwarding command).

Use the set form of this command to specify an IPv6 address for the interface.

Use the delete form of this command to delete an IPv6 address from the interface.

Use the show form of this command to view IPv6 address configuration settings.