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NETCONF operation examples

Examples that demonstrate how to use NETCONF operations with Vyatta NOS.

To perform NETCONF operations, it is best to use a NETCONF client. This could be in the form of anything from a python library to a full NETCONF client application. However, all NETCONF transactions are simply an exchange of messages in XML format, over a NETCONF session.

This section demonstrates the range of NETCONF operations that Vyatta NOS supports, and the basic XML operations that are necessary to perform them.

Note: RPC messages

We have tested all RPC messages. But we do not always show the replies in full here as they can be verbose — or we do not show replies at all where they show nothing that is likely to be of help here.

Also, aside from the most basic examples, we do not show the message ID content that is enclosed in <rpc> tags. Message IDs must be present, but they are arbitrary. Their purpose is to allow us to match sent messages to corresponding replies, but we don't need this in the examples here.

Note: Notifications

Vyatta NOS does not support notifications over NETCONF.