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Overview of the NETCONF <rpc-error> message

For any problem where you have already established basic connectivity, you should receive a NETCONF <rpc-error> message that contains some combination of fields that give you further information.

Note: There may be multiple errors — but NETCONF only requires that the system report the first error that it encounters. Also, some clients do not display the full content of RPC errors.

The message contains information fields that should help you to find the source of the problem.

The RPC error message format

A summary of the information fields that you may see in an <rpc-error> response.

Mandatory fields
Defines the conceptual layer in which the error occurred. One of:
  • transport (layer: Secure Transport)
  • rpc (layer: Messages)
  • protocol (layer: Operations)
  • application (layer: Content)
For a list of valid values, see RFC 6241, Appendix A NETCONF Error List.

Contains a string identifying the error severity, as determined by the device. One of:

  • error
  • warning

Though note that at the time of writing, warning is not enumerated — it is reserved for future use.

Optional fields
Data model or implementation specific error.
Contains an XPath expression that states the absolute path to the node that the error relates to.
Contains a human-readable message that relates to the error.
Contains error content that is specific to the protocol or data model.
Note: For more detail on specific errors and their mandatory content, see RFC 6241, Appendix A NETCONF Error List.