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SNMP commands

SNMP commands can be used to read or change configuration or to perform actions on a device, such as resetting it. The set of commands used in SNMP are: GET, GET-NEXT, GET-RESPONSE, SET, and TRAP.

  • GET and GET-NEXT are used by the SNMP manager to request information about an object. These commands are used to view configuration or status or to poll information, such as statistics.
  • SET is used by the SNMP manager to change the value of a specific object. Setting a configuration object changes the configuration of the device. Setting an executable object performs an action, such as a file operation or a reset.
  • GET-RESPONSE is used by the SNMP agent on the device to return the requested information by GET or GET-NEXT or the status of the SET operation.
  • The TRAP command is used by the agent to asynchronously inform the manager about events important to the manager.