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show dhcp server statistics

Displays DHCP server statistics.

show dhcp server statistics [ pool pool-name ]
pool pool-name
Displays DHCP statistics for the specified address pool

Operational mode

Use this command to see current lease information for DHCP subscribers.

When used with no option, this command displays all current lease information. When address pool is provided, this command displays lease information for the specified address pool.

DHCP is configured by using service dhcp-server.

The following example shows how to display all DHCP server statistics.

vyatta@vyatta:~$ show dhcp server statistics

Start time:                             Thu Sep  3 13:29:36 2015
Up time:                                01:19:44

Message                                 Received
DHCPDISCOVER                            1
DHCPREQUEST                             1
DHCPDECLINE                             0
DHCPRELEASE                             1
DHCPINFORM                              0

Message                                 Sent
DHCPOFFER                               1
DHCPACK                                 1
DHCPNAK                                 0

pool                                    pool size   # leased    # avail
----                                    ---------   --------    -------
myserver102                             21          0           21
myredding100                            21