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Configuring for networks indirectly connected to the system

This example shows how to create an address pool (dp0p1p1_POOL2) for clients that are indirectly connected to the R1 vRouter pool.

The dp0p1p1_POOL2 address pool serves the subnet, which is on a different subnet than the subnet to which the dp0p1p1 data plane interface is connected.

The lease time remains at the default, 24 hours (86,400 seconds). This address pool uses the DNS name server at

Figure 1. DHCP address pool configuration for clients indirectly connected to the DHCP server host

To configure the dp0p1p1_POOL2 DHCP address pool, perform the following steps in configuration mode.

Table 1. Configuring DHCP address pools



Configure the vRouter interface to listen to DHCP messages.

vyatta@R1#set service dhcp-server listento interface dp0p1p1

Create a shared network and associate it with the subnet.

vyatta@R1# set service dhcp-server shared-network-name dp0p1p1_POOL2 subnet

Show the configuration.

vyatta@R1# show service dhcp-server
dhcp-server {
    listento {
        interface dp0p1p1
    shared-network-name dp0p1p1_POOL2 {
        subnet {
            lease 86400
            start {

Show the interface configuration.

vyatta@R1# show interfaces
interfaces {
    dataplane dp0p1p1 {
    loopback lo

Commit the changes.

vyatta@R1# commit