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service dhcpv6-relay

Configures the system to relay DHCPv6 client messages to a DHCPv6 server.

set service dhcpv6-relay
delete service dhcpv6-relay
show service dhcpv6-relay

Configuration mode

service {
	dhcpv6-relay {

Use this command to configure the system as a DHCPv6 relay agent.

You must configure the interfaces on which the system receives requests from DHCPv6 clients and the interfaces that send requests to DHCPv6 servers. The relay agent relays responses sent by the DHCPv6 servers back to the clients that sent the original request.

Use the set form of this command to define DHCPv6 relay configuration.

Use the delete form of this command to remove DHCPv6 relay configuration.

Use the show form of this command to view DHCPv6 relay configuration.