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show flow-monitoring

Displays the flow-monitoring statistics.

show flow-monitoring

Operational mode

Use this command to display the flow-monitoring statistics that have been gathered by the Flow Monitoring service.

The following example shows how to display flow-monitoring configuration information and usage statistics.

vyatta@vyatta:~$ show flow-monitoring
dataplane statistics:
    interface dp0s3:
        monitor default:
            packets observed:            128352
            samples taken:                 1283
    interface dp0s4:
        monitor default:
            packets observed:              2243
            samples taken:                  224

aggregator statistics:
    aggregator foo:
        flows in cache:                      18
        expired flows:                      180
    aggregator bar:
        flows in cache:                       6
        expired flows:                       46

exporter statistics:
    exporter alice:
        samples exported:                  1097
        flows exported:                     180
        flow packets sent:                  180
    exporter bob:
        samples exported:                   192
        flows exported:                      46
        flow packets sent:                   46
    exporter fred:
        samples exported:                  1289
        flows exported:                     226
        flow packets sent:                  180