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Path monitor behavior

The process that path monitors use to monitor paths.

  1. The path monitor starts a ping or TWAMP session toward the target.
  2. The path monitor operates continuously throughout the configured interval period. Thus it provides a continuous stream of metrics. This data can be used to update the policy state and/or feed any external management entity with path information of greater precision.
  3. The path monitor compares the result with the requirements of each policy associated with the path monitor, in turn. It determines the current compliance state of each policy.
  4. The path monitor pushes the compliance state of each policy to PBR, which influences local routing decisions.
  5. The path monitor waits from the start of the last session to the end of the interval period, and then it repeats this process with a new session.

If the path monitor detects total loss of probe packets then it will discard the results and consider the collected sample to be Non-Compliant with all policies.

Each configured path monitor operates independent of other path monitors.