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Path monitor parameters

Parameters that you can use to configure a path monitor.

Binding point interface or routing instance
  • You can configure a specific interface through which traffic flows to the path monitor host and bind the path monitor to that interface. In this case, the ping or TWAMP probe messages originate from this specific interface. You can bind the interface to any routing instance.
  • You can configure the path monitor to bind to a routing instance. In this case, the ping or TWAMP probe messages can originate from any interface within the indicated routing instance that has a path to the target address.
You must specify the target path monitor host to monitor.

You can configure how often a Path Monitor generates results.

The interval ranges from 5 through 120 seconds. The default is 5 seconds.


You must associate one or more policies with a path monitor. For each policy, the path monitor determines the compliance state of the policy each time path monitor samples the results.

For example, if the interval is 10 seconds then the path monitor will sample the results every 10 seconds.

Initial state

You can specify the initial compliance state for all policies that are associated with a path monitor.

The default initial state is Non-Compliant.