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twping <host-address>

Measures the round-trip IP performance using the TWAMP server.

twping host-address [ auth-mode { authenticated | encrypted | mixed } user user ] [ control-port port ] [ count count ] [ interval seconds ] [ padding size ] [ port-range port1 - port2 ] [ sample seconds ] [ session-count s-count ] [ test-dscp-value dscp-value ]
Host name or IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) of the TWAMP server.
auth-mode { authenticated | encrypted | mixed } user user
Authentication mode (authenticated, encrypted, or mixed).
control-port port
Port for server control connection.
count count
Number of test packets to send (default is 100).
interval seconds
Number of seconds between test packets.
padding size
Padding, in bytes, to add to test packets.
port-range port1 - port2
UDP port range to use for test packets.
sample seconds
Interval, in seconds, to display statistics during the session.
session-count s-count
Number of test sessions to create and use.
test-dscp-value dscp-value
Base-10 DSCP value. The value ranges from 0 through 63; the default value is 0.

Operational mode

Use this command to measure round-trip IP performance. If the authentication mode is authenticated, encrypted, or mixed, then this command prompts you to enter the required username and password before continuing.