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delete system image: <image-name>

Deletes an image from the local disk drive.

When the command is entered without an image name the system prompts for the image to delete.

Name of an image to be deleted.

Operational mode

Use this command to delete an image from the local disk drive.

The image and all its local files, including its configuration file, are destroyed. Because this command is destructive the system prompts for confirmation.

Command completion displays all valid completions for the image-name argument. If the image-name argument is omitted the system displays a list of available images and prompts you to select one.

If the system was originally installed in disk-based mode, an image-name option is available that you can use to direct that the disk-based installation must be deleted.

The system does not allow you to delete the currently running system image. However, the system does allow you to delete the image currently selected to be run at the next reboot. If you delete that image, the system uses the currently running image when the system is next rebooted.