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Information about the elements required for a functioning PXE boot configuration.

Pre-boot eXecution Environment (PXE) is a process by which a PXE-enabled device can obtain booting software and additional configuration parameters from network servers when it boots for the first time, instead of booting from a directly connected device such as a USB or a CD/DVD drive. You can set up your environment to use PXE to boot Vyatta NOS over the network.

The following elements are required for a functioning PXE boot configuration:

  • PXE-enabled DHCP server that allows the PXE client to locate where the ISO image is stored. An external DHCP server is optional for KVM environments, because all networks created under KVM can be configured with an embedded DHCP server.
  • TFTP server to host the network boot image.
  • HTTP server to provide access to the ISO image.
  • Optional gateway, needed only if the TFTP or HTTP servers is not connected to the same network as the router.
  • Optional test host that is connected to the network where the router is booting, to verify operation of the servers.
The following figure shows the elements of a PXE boot configuration.
Figure 1. PXE Boot Configuration Elements
PXE Boot Components