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Check the IPsec RA VPN tunnel state (Windows 10 client)

How to use Windows PowerShell and the Vyatta NOS CLI to check connectivity between the Windows client and the RA VPN server, for a tunnel that you've already configured.

  1. Navigate to the VPN window, find the VPN connection that you need to check, and click Connect.
  2. Open PowerShell and use the ipconfig command to check that the connection is present.
  3. Use the route command to check that a route exists for the IP address that is assigned to the client.
  4. Use the ping command to ping a host on the corporate subnet, to test connectivity.
  5. At the Vyatta NOS command prompt, check that the traffic traverses the tunnel connection on the RA VPN server.
    user@system:~$ show vpn ipsec sa
    Peer ID / IP        Local ID / IP
    ------------        ------------- 
    Tunnel   Id         State Bytes Out/In   Encrypt       Hash      DH   A-Time  L-Time
    ------   ---------- ----- -------------  ------------  --------  --   ------  ------
    1        16         up    240.0/240.0    aes256        sha1      n/a  86      3600