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Learn how to install, configure, and operate the Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS) and Orchestrator, which help drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

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Patch release notes 1912s

Release notes for Vyatta NOS 1912s, released January 25, 2022.

Issues resolved

Issues resolved in release 1912s.

Issue number Priority Summary
VRVDR-56131Blockerping/ssh from remote server to device connected to s9500 SIAD fails, but reachable locally
VRVDR-56672 Critical SNAT SIP ALG misinterprets SDP part of packet payload header causing dataplane crash
VRVDR-56576 Critical Dataplane crash while capturing traffic
VRVDR-47554 Major Validate GRE tunnel transport local-ip

Security vulnerabilities resolved

Security vulnerabilities resolved in release 1912s.

Issue numberCVSSAdvisorySummary
VRVDR-567919.8DLA-2860-1 CVE-2018-7750, CVE-2018-1000805: Debian DLA-2860-1 : paramiko - LTS security update
VRVDR-566899.8DLA-2836-1CVE-2021-43527: Debian DLA-2836-1 : nss - LTS security update
VRVDR-564939.8DLA-2802-1CVE-2018-16062, CVE-2018-16402, CVE-2018-18310, CVE-2018-18520, CVE-2018-18521, CVE-2019-7150, CVE-2019-7665:Debian DLA-2802-1 : elfutils - LTS security update
VRVDR-566659.8DLA-2834-1 CVE-2018-20721: Debian DLA-2834-1 : uriparser - LTS security update
VRVDR-566478.8DLA-2827-1 CVE-2019-8921, CVE-2019-8922, CVE-2021-41229: Debian DLA-2827-1 : bluez - LTS security update
VRVDR-566458.8DLA-2828-1 CVE-2017-14160, CVE-2018-10392, CVE-2018-10393: Debian DLA-2828-1 : libvorbis - LTS security update
VRVDR-564968.8DLA-2804-1 CVE-2019-7572, CVE-2019-7573, CVE-2019-7574, CVE-2019-7575, CVE-2019-7576, CVE-2019-7577, CVE-2019-7578, CVE-2019-7635, CVE-2019-7636, CVE-2019-7637, CVE-2019-7638, CVE-2019-13616:Debian DLA-2804-1 : libsdl1.2 - LTS security update
VRVDR-567898.1DLA-2849-1 CVE-2021-22207, CVE-2021-22235, CVE-2021-39921, CVE-2021-39922, CVE-2021-39923, CVE-2021-39924, CVE-2021-39925, CVE-2021-39928, CVE-2021-39929 :Debian DLA-2849-1 : wireshark - LTS security update
VRVDR-567698.1DLA-2848-1 CVE-2019-13115, CVE-2019-17498 :Debian DLA-2848-1 : libssh2 - LTS security update
VRVDR-568347.8DLA-2876-1 CVE-2017-17087, CVE-2019-20807, CVE-2021-3778, CVE-2021-3796:Debian DLA-2876-1 : vim - LTS security update
VRVDR-567907.5DLA-2853-1 CVE-2021-41817, CVE-2021-41819: Debian DLA-2853-1 : ruby2.3 - LTS security update
VRVDR-566807.5DLA-2837-1 CVE-2021-43618: DLA-2837-1 : gmp - LTS security update
VRVDR-566647.5DLA-2833-1 CVE-2018-5764: Debian DLA-2833-1 : rsync - LTS security update
VRVDR-565037.5DLA-2807-1 CVE-2018-5740, CVE-2021-25219: Debian DLA-2807-1 : bind9 - LTS security update
VRVDR-563157.5DLA-2788-1 CVE-2021-41991: Debian DLA-2788-1: A denial-of-service vulnerability in the in-memory certificate cache was discovered in strongSwan
VRVDR-567927.1DLA-2871-1 CVE-2021-43818: Debian DLA-2871-1 : lxml - LTS security update
VRVDR-564956.7DLA-2801-1 CVE-2017-9525, CVE-2019-9704, CVE-2019-9705, CVE-2019-9706:Debian DLA-2801-1 : cron - LTS security update
VRVDR-564975.5DLA-2805-1 CVE-2019-1010305: Debian DLA-2805-1 : libmspack - LTS security update
VRVDR-566444.7DLA-2830-1 CVE-2018-20482: Debian DLA-2830-1 : tar - LTS security update
VRVDR-56511N/ADLA-2808-1 CVE-2021-3733, CVE-2021-3737: Debian DLA-2808-1 : python3.5 - LTS security update
VRVDR-56459N/ADLA-2798-1 Debian DLA-2798-1 : libdatetime-timezone-perl - LTS security update
VRVDR-56458N/ADLA-2797-1 Debian DLA-2797-1 : tzdata - LTS security update