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Domain search order

You can specify a list of domains for the system to use to complete an unqualified host name. To define this list, specify the order in which domains are searched by using the system domain-search command.

Note: The system domain-name and system domain-search commands are mutually exclusive. Only one of the two commands can be configured at any one time.

The system domain-search command requires that you enter each domain name separately, specified in the order you want them searched. A domain name can include letters, numbers, hyphens (-), and periods (.).

The following table shows how to direct the system to attempt domain completion in the following order: first, mydomain.com; second, mydomain.net; and last mydomain.org.

To specify the domain search order, perform the following steps in configuration mode.

Table 1. Specifying the search order for domain completion
Step Command
Specify the first domain name.
vyatta@R1# set system domain-search domain mydomain.com
Specify the second domain name.
vyatta@R1# set system domain-search domain mydomain.net
Specify the third domain name.
vyatta@R1# set system domain-search domain mydomain.org
Commit the change.
vyatta@R1# commit
Show the configuration.
vyatta@R1# show system domain-search
 domain mydomain.com
 domain mydomain.net
 domain mydomain.org