Vyatta NOS documentation

Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

interface <intf_type> <intf_name> vrrp vrrp-group <N> path-monitor <monitor_name> policy <policy_name> weight type <weight type> value <value>

Controls configuration of tracking of a path monitor and policy combination. Multiple monitor and policy pairs can be tracked at once.

interface <intf_type>
Specifies the interface on which to configure VRRP.
vrrp vrrp-group <N>
path-monitor <monitor_name>
Specifies the name of the monitor to track.
policy <policy_name>
Specifies the policy name to associate with the monitor.
weight type <weight type>
Where <weight type> is [ decrement | increment ].
  • decrement: Decrease the priority.
  • increment: Increase the priority.
value <value>
The value to use to modify the priority of the VRRP group without changing the state. Range from 1 to 254.