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interfaces <interface> ip igmp immediate-leave group-list <acl>

Minimizes latency for hosts leaving multicast groups.

set interfaces interface immediate-leave group-list acl
delete interfaces interface immediate-leave group-list
show interfaces interface immediate-leave group-list

Immediate leave is disabled.

The type of interface. For a list of supported interfaces and detailed syntax, see interfaces <interface> ip igmp.
An access list number used to define the membership group. Supported ranges of values are:

1 to 99: IP access list number.

1300 to 1999: IP access list number in the expanded range.

Access control lists are a type of routing policy; see the Ciena Vyatta Network OS Routing Policies Configuration Guide for information on creating them.

Configuration mode

interfaces interface {
    ip {
        igmp {
            immediate-leave group-list acl

Use this command to minimize the leave latency in IGMPv2 for IGMP memberships.

When this option is not set, the router sends an IGMP Query message when a receiver host has sent a Leave message. At this point, a timeout interval goes into effect. When this option is set, the Leave message is acted on immediately, without sending the Query or waiting for the timeout period to expire.

This command applies to IGMPv2, and it applies in situations where only one receiver is connected to each interface.

Use the set form of this command to enable IGMPv2 immediate leave.

Use the delete form of this command to restore the IGMPv2 immediate leave default behavior.

Use the show form of this command to view IGMPv2 immediate leave configuration.