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show mpls ldp discovery

Displays which interfaces are MPLS LDP-enabled or the LDP parameters configured on a specified interface.

show mpls ldp discovery [ interface ]
The name of the interface.

Operational mode

Use this command to display all interfaces that are configured for MPLS LDP discovery.

The following example shows how to display which interfaces are MPLS LDP-enabled.

 vyatta@vyatta:~$ show mpls ldp discovery 
Interface        LDP Identifier           LDP Enabled Version Merge Capability
lo                     Disabled            N/A
dp0s4                  Disabled            N/A
dp0p1s1                Enabled     IPv4    Merge capable
dp0p1s2                Enabled     IPv4    Merge capable
dp0p1s3                Enabled     IPv4    Merge capable

The following example shows how to display which LDP parameters are configured on a specified MPLS LDP-enabled interface.

vyatta@vyatta:~$ show mpls ldp interface dp0p1s1
Status                  : Enabled
Version                 : IPv4
Primary IP Address      :
Interface Type          : Ethernet
Label Merge Capability  : Merge Capable
Hold Time               : 15
Hello Interval          : 5
Targeted Hello Interval : 15
Targeted Hold Time      : 45
Keepalive Interval      : 10
Keepalive Timeout       : 30
Advertisement Mode      : Downstream Unsolicited
Label Retention Mode    : Liberal
Multicast Hellos        : Enabled
Max PDU Length          : 4096