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Vyatta NOS documentation

Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

destination <destination>

destination <destination>

Where <destination> is { address <address> | mac-address <mac-address> | port <port> }.

address <address>

Specifies an address to match.

Address formats are as follows:

  • <address-group-name>: An address group that is configured with a list of addresses.
  • <ip-address>: An IPv4 address.
  • <ip-address/prefix>: An IPv4 network, where matches any prefix.
  • !<ip-address>: All IP addresses except the specified IPv4 address.
  • !<ip-address/prefix>: All IP addresses except the specified IPv4 network prefix.
  • <ipv6-address>: An IPv6 address; for example, fe80::20c:29fe:fe47:f89.
  • <ip-address/prefix>: An IPv6 network prefix, where ::/0 matches any prefix; for example, fe80::20c:29fe:fe47:f88/64.
  • !<ipv6-address>: All IPv6 addresses except the specified IPv6 address.
  • !<ip-address/prefix>: All IPv6 prefixes except the specified IPv6 network prefix.
Note: If you specify both an address and a port then the system will treat a packet as a match only when both its address and its port values match those specifications.
mac-address <mac-address>
Specifies a media access control (MAC) address to match. The address format is six 8-bit numbers, separated by colons, in hexadecimal; for example, 00:0a:59:9a:f2:ba.
port <port>

Specifies a port to match.

Port formats are as follows:

  • <port-group name>: A port group that is configured with a list of ports.
  • <port name>: A port name as shown in /etc/services, such as http.
  • <start-end>: A range of port numbers, such as 1001-1005.