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Generate a digital signature on WEST

In this example, you generate WEST's digital signature. This signature will have two parts: a public part (the public key) and a private part (the private key). The public key will be shared with EAST; the private key will remain secret.

To generate an RSA digital signature for system WEST, perform the following steps in operational mode.

Table 1. Generating a digital signature on WEST
Step Command

Generate the key.

vyatta@WEST> generate vpn rsa-key

The system warns you that the existing RSA key file will be overwritten. You have the opportunity to exit the key generation process by pressing <Ctrl>+c.

A local RSA key file already exists and will be overwritten
<CTRL>C to exit: 8

The system indicates the location of the file where the key will be written, generates the key, and displays the fingerprint.

Generating rsa-key to /config/ipsec.d/rsa-keys/localhost.key

Your new local RSA key has been generated.
RSA key fingerprint: 9d:0d:16:3d:93:e1:95:6f:91:a7:18:35:f3:af:f5:ed