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show firewall

This command summarizes the firewall rules that are applied on the system. Start here when you troubleshoot a firewall-related problem.

Example: show firewall

$OS_PROMPT$ show firewall
Rulesets Information: Firewall
Firewall "basic":
Active on (dp0s5, in)
rule	action	proto	packets	bytes
----	------	-----	-------	-----
100	allow	tcp	12	967
  condition - stateful proto tcp to any port 50

default allow 	any	132	7128
  condition - all

The output states the interface that each rule set is applied to, and the direction of application — in or out. In this example, (dp0s5, in).

  • The interface dp0s5 has a firewall rule that applies to ingress packets
  • By default, the interface will allow all everything, and will create a stateful session for TCP traffic on port 50
  • Both the default rule and rule 100 have traffic hitting them
Note: For more about this command see Ciena Vyatta Network OS Firewall Configuration Guide.