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Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

Discard configuration changes and return to operational mode — exit discard

An example that shows how to use the exit discard command to discard changes that you made to the candidate configuration in your current session, and to return to operational mode.

You cannot exit from configuration mode while you have uncommitted changes in the candidate configuration.

user@system# exit
Cannot exit: configuration modified.
Use 'exit discard' to discard the changes and exit.

You must either commit the changes or discard them. If you do not want to commit the changes, you can use the exit command with the discard option to both discard the changes and return to operational mode.

Discard the changes and exit configuration mode.
user@system# exit discard

Notice that the command prompt changes to the operational mode style.