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Learn how to install, configure, and operate the Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS) and Orchestrator, which help drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

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Patch release notes 1908d

Release notes for Vyatta NOS 1908d, released January 23, 2020.

Issues resolved

Issues resolved in release 1908d.

Issue number Priority Summary
VRVDR-49185BlockerIP Packet Filter not applied at bootup
VRVDR-48892BlockerPing failure with storm-control and QoS
VRVDR-48891BlockerDataplane crashed while changing PTP configuration
VRVDR-48728BlockerNetwork link down observed with VM built from vyatta-1908b-amd64-vrouter_20191010T1100-amd64-Build3.14.hybrid.iso
VRVDR-44104BlockerCreating a switch interface doesn't work with QinQ
VRVDR-49618CriticalServo notifications always using attVrouterPtpServoFailure
VRVDR-49246CriticalFlexware stops forwarding pkts over hardware switch after flooding unknown unicasts
VRVDR-48960CriticalSIAD - audit logs with no priority default to syslog level NOTICE, and are overly chatty
VRVDR-48820CriticalPTP: master not tracked correctly across port changes
VRVDR-48720CriticalPTP: assert in IDTStackAdaptor_UpdateBestMasterSelection
VRVDR-48660CriticalNo rotation occurring for /var/log/messages
VRVDR-48461CriticalSNMP Not working in 1908a
VRVDR-49426Major Mellanox-100G: kernel interface shows up even when data plane is stopped
VRVDR-49391MajorDisable (by default) logging of the time adjustments by the IDT servo
VRVDR-49223MajorHardware CPP rate limiter feature accepted packet count not working
VRVDR-49137MajorSyslog rate-limit not respected for above 65000 messages per interval
VRVDR-49020MajorRA VPN: Spoke not forwarding with ESP: Replay check failed for SPI logs
VRVDR-48850MajorPTP: Frequently logging Slave Unavailable/Available message in the console log
VRVDR-48585MajorICMP Unreachable not returned when decrypted IPSec packet is too large to pass tunnel interface MTU
VRVDR-47203Major1903d yang package fatal error
VRVDR-48992MinorSyslog generates message Child xxxxx has terminated, reaped by main-loop at wrong priority
VRVDR-47002MinorPTP: network information is not cleared from disabled (skipped) ports during reconfiguration

Security vulnerabilities resolved

Security vulnerabilities resolved in release 1908d.

Issue number CVSS Advisory Summary
VRVDR-494509.8 DSA-4587-1 CVE-2019-15845, CVE-2019-16201, CVE-2019-16254, CVE-2019-16255: Debian DSA-4587-1: ruby2.3 – security update
VRVDR-481338.8 DSA-4512-1 CVE-2019-13164, CVE-2019-14378: Debian DSA-4512-1: qemu – security update
VRVDR-478858.1 DSA-4495-1 CVE-2018-20836, CVE-2019-1125, CVE-2019-1999, CVE-2019-10207, CVE-2019-10638, CVE-2019-12817, CVE-2019-12984, CVE-2019-13233, CVE-2019-13631, CVE-2019-13648, CVE-2019-14283, CVE-2019-14284: Debian DSA-4495-1: linux – security update
VRVDR-494777.5 DSA-4591-1 CVE-2019-19906: Debian DSA-4591-1: cyrus-sasl2 – security update
VRVDR-486917.5 DSA-4544-1 CVE-2019-16866: Debian DSA-4544-1: unbound – security update
VRVDR-481327.5 DSA-4511-1 CVE-2019-9511, CVE-2019-9513: Debian DSA-4511-1: nghttp2 – security update
VRVDR-491557.2N/ACVE-2018-5265: Devices allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code with admin credentials, because /opt/vyatta/share/vyatta-cfg/templates/system/static-host-mapping/host-name/node.def does not sanitize the alias or ips parameter for shell metacharacters.
VRVDR-494865.3 DSA-4594-1 CVE-2019-1551: Debian DSA-4594-1: openssl1.0 – security update