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show bridge <brx> spanning-tree port <port>

Displays spanning tree information for a bridge interface port.

show bridge brx spanning-tree port port
Bridge group ID.
Specifies the port for which spanning tree information is displayed.
Displays a summary of spanning tree information for a port.

Operational mode

Use this command to display spanning tree information for a bridge interface port. Use the brief parameter to display a summary of the spanning tree port information. You see detailed information when you do not use the brief parameter .

The following example shows how to display spanning tree dp0p1s1 port information for the br0 bridge group.

vyatta@R1:~$ show bridge br0 spanning-tree port	dp0p1s1

br0:dp0p1s1 (2)
link enabled  yes   role          Root
port id       8.002 state         forwarding
port cost     2000  admin co      auto
designated root 8.000.52:54:00:00:01:01 dsgn cost  0
designated bridge 8.000.52:54:00:00:01:01 designated port  8.003
admin edge port    no             auto edge port    no
oper edge port     no             topology change ack  no
point-to-point     no             admin point-to-point no
root block         no             restricted TCN       no
port hello time    2 disputed     no
bpdu guard port    no             bpdu guard error     no
network port       no             BA inconsistent      no
Num sent BPDU      9              Num sent TCN         5
Num rcvd BPDU      6487           Num rcvd TCN         6
Num Transition FWD 1              Num Transition BLK   0
Rcvd BPDU          none           Send RSTP            yes