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Multicast listener query

The Multicast Listener Query message is sent by the multicast router to a local subnet, to determine whether any multicast group members still exist on the subnet. Multicast Listener Query messages are of two types:

  • General: The router periodically sends a general Query to poll all hosts on the subnet for the presence of any multicast address. Link-local addresses, the All-Nodes multicast address (FF02::1), and reserved multicast addresses (addresses with a scope of 0) and interface-local addresses (addresses with a scope of 1) are excluded from the poll.
  • Multicast-address-specific. The router sends a multicast-address-specific query only to members of a specific multicast group on the subnet.

The Multicast Listener Report message is equivalent to an IGMPv2 Host Membership Query message. It is ICMPv6 message type 130.