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Adding interfaces to administrative groups

Administrative groups, also known as resource classes or link colors, allows you to assign MPLS-enabled interfaces to various classes.

You can place individual interfaces into administrative groups. For example, you can define a group named gold and assign high-bandwidth interfaces to it. When a device calculates the path for an LSP, it can take into account the administrative group to which a interface belongs. You can configure up to 32 administrative groups. By default, an interface does not belong to any administrative groups.

Administrative groups are in the range from 0 through 31. You can set an administrative group by name and number. To set an administrative group by name, first create a name for the group and associate the name with an administrative group number.

To assign the MPLS-enabled interface dp0p1s15 to an administrative group named gold, enter the following command.
vyatta@R1# set protocols mpls-rsvp interfaces interface dp0p1s15 admin-groups gold
In this example, the administrative group named gold is selected. After you add interfaces to administrative groups, you can specify which groups can be included or excluded from LSP calculations.